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Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell – Coming Soon

In just over a week’s time, Bear Grylls will hit our screens once more to bring us his brand-new series – Escape From Hell.

During this series, which starts at 9pm Monday 7th October on the Discovery channel, Bear will follow follow the incredible stories of people who have found themselves in nightmare situations in the wild.

As with Grylls’ other new series, Get Out Alive, which finished on NBC exactly a month ago, he will highlight what they did right as well as the things they did wrong, that almost cost them their lives. Escape From Hell will venture into the Rio Dulce jungle of Guatemala, the Amazonian rainforest, a snow-covered British Columbia, canyons of Morocco and Australia’s Blue Mountains, among others.

Grylls' second big show since Man Vs Wild.

Grylls’ second big show since Man Vs Wild.

Telling a story set in Guatemala.

Telling a story set in Guatemala.

From bandit attacks, to avalanches, being lost in ferocious sand storms to being confronted with real life bears… these are stories that none of our survivors anticipated but which they all fought tooth and nail to survive.

Escape From Hell at Battersea Power Station.

Escape From Hell at Battersea Power Station.

The show was launched yesterday evening with Grylls abseiling down Battersea Power Station which had been lit up by projected flames. Meanwhile, firefighters were called to the scene after receiving a call saying the building was on fire.



Images courtesy of Discovery (DCL) and the Daily Mirror.

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