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Opinionated World Just Got Overhauled

Fifty Two hours after beginning a big update to Opinionated World, we’re finally finished. It’s taken roughly 20 hours of work, with just a little more than 350 pain-staking image edits, as well as whole heap of design updates. We decided that it was time to ditch the blog feel of the website and turn our attention to Reviews. Opinionated World started out as a two man personal blog and has expanded and developed into something much greater than we would’ve imagined. At this stage, […]

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iOS To Android – The Switch

I’ve just completed a week long switch from iOS to Android having been challenged by Matt to experiment with the enemy. He suggested the test a couple of weeks ago after he upgraded the device on his Vodafone contract. I was relatively quick to accept, knowing it would be a good way of broadening my knowledge and giving me an opportunity to see what else is out there. I’ve used iOS for nearly six years now and while my opinion on Android has changed dramatically […]

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Transforming iOS: Jailbreaking

As an Apple fanboy, I’ve always been very much against the people who jailbreak their iPhones. I always said “why?” and never saw a reason for it. I don’t feel that I was wrong in my initial opinion of it – I still believe that jailbreaking in its early days would’ve given me very little extra. Since then though, things have changed. Jailbreaking tweaks and themes are now available in their thousands and while some remain buggy rubbish, others – as I’ll explain later – […]

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Thoughts On A Future Vision

Google has announced and made available a new Chromebook. What was once deemed a “cheap” computer system, albeit one that ran what is essentially a web browser, is now an expensive, high spec’d product. A beautiful one too. The Chromebook Pixel, so-called due to it’s pixel dense display (2560×1700 in a 12.85″ size correlates to 239PPI), is a full aluminium and glass laptop. Not too dis-similar to the MacBook Air/Pro and the recent HP, Dell et al. laptops. Oh, and you can touch the screen, […]

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A Guide To Starting Barefoot Running

I became interested in barefoot running in mid-2011 after constant use of my Terra Plana* Kariba’s and a new interest in the brand they were made by. I had never been a fan of running, much preferring to cycle everywhere. I always found running quite boring and disliked the amount of ground you could cover in a short period of time. In one hour, I could cycle 20 miles and hit 40mph down a huge hill or run just seven miles. I also knew about […]