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Competition Giveaway [Closed]

Opinionated World just had its one-year anniversary and to celebrate this, we’re holding a worldwide competition where one lucky person will be selected to win some new kit.

The winner will receive a pair of Vivobarefoot Neo Trails, a Jack Wolfskin Ascent Pack 26 and a Mille Mongolia wristband.


Congratulations to our winner, Ed Dowding, who is the lucky recipient of a pair of Vivobarefoot Neo Trails and a Jack Wolfskin Ascent Pack 26l.

Ed’s winning caption was:

Another day to be outstanding in our fields.

We have also selected 10 runners up who will receive a Mille Mongolia silicone wristband. If your name is in the list below, please drop an email to officialopinionatedworld@gmail.com with the subject ‘competition runner up’ and with your name and address so that we can get them shipped out to you.

Please don’t forget to send us a picture of you wearing the Mille Mongolia wristbands!

  • Pete Durrand
  • DisneyBrideAndGroom
  • Mike
  • Paul Cockroft
  • Magnus Isaksson
  • Aaron Morton
  • Mark Takata
  • Michael
  • Jacques Bezeuidenhout
  • Ben Meakin

Plus, ten still-quite-lucky runners up will be chosen to receive a Mille Mongolia silicone wristband.

The competition will run for 10 days and so the closing date is the 22nd June at 6pm UK Time.

Strictly one entry per person.

How To Enter

1. Like Opinionated World on Facebook using the button below:

2. Like this Post using the button below:

3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your very best caption for the image below.

Additional Information

Please make sure you complete steps 1-3 (we will check!).

Please make sure you leave a comment with your legitimate email address, otherwise we will have no way to contact you if you win, or are a runner up.

We would love for you to share this competition as much as possible, so if you want to tweet about it too, please use the hashtag #OWGiveaway so we can see the response.

This is open worldwide (yes, we are footing the shipping bill. Aiieee!).

Mille Mongolia wristbands are currently on order, so it may be a few weeks until you receive them.


We’d love to see you with your new kit, so send us a picture to officialopinionatedworld@gmail.com. And, for the runners up, send us a picture with you wearing your Mille Mongolia wristbands.

Caption This

2013-06-03 18.27.44

Company Details – Click to expand

  • Vivobarefoot
  • In 2003, Vivobarefoot became a pioneer of the barefoot movement by launching the first minimalist shoe with a patented, ultra thin puncture resistant sole that offered maximum sensory feedback and maximum protection. This was driven by the knowledge that 70% of your brain’s information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body’s understanding of its surroundings and natural movement.

    In 2010 and 2012, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Harvard University, both released studies to support that barefoot reduces injuries, reserves energy, and improves technique.

    As demand for barefoot health grows, so does demand for Vivobarefoot and the collection features the most comprehensive line of minimalist shoes on the market. The Vivobarefoot difference is in the sole. We make a series of constructions specifically designed for varying elements, terrains, and activities. From high performance off-road and trail running shoes, to work and kids shoes, Vivobarefoot offers a total lifestyle solution for the whole family and options for transitioning from walking to sports.

    Vivobarefoot footwear is produced sustainably using recycled, locally sourced materials, with efficient and eco-friendly production techniques, in independently monitored ethical factories.

    Visit Vivobarefoot

  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Jack Wolfskin is among the leading providers of functional outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment in Europe and the largest franchisor in the German specialist sports retail market. There are more than 600 franchise stores and 4,000 sales locations throughout Europe and Asia.
    Founded 1981 in Frankfurt, Jack Wolfskin has its company headquarter today in Idstein in the Taunus region of Germany and employs more than 600 employees.

    Jack Wolfskin products are characterised by a high degree of functionality, user-orientation and innovation. Jack Wolfskin has successfully launched a wide range of new materials and products. Take pleasure in all products and truly feel  “At Home Outdoors.”

    Visit Jack Wolfskin

  • Mille Mongolia
  • Mille Mongolia is an epic 1000km solo trek across the heart of one of the least discovered places in the World – Mongolia.

    Taking place in August 2014, Ste Rumbelow will begin the journey in Möron after a two day car journey from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. From here, Ste will take in forest, steppe and desert terrain, experience local lifestyles, visit Ger camps and eventually return to Ulaanbaatar after walking over 600 miles.

    Ste aims to find out during the trip where the raised money would be best spent and then target the sum at the best cause. One thing that shocked him was the staggeringly low availability of fresh water in the country. Just 45% of people in rural alreas have access to it so maybe this is something we can help with.

    Every penny raised will be in aid of Unicef – whether it’s through donations or from purchasing the (not yet available) Mille Mongolia silicone wristbands – yes, you can all replace your Livestrong bands now!

    The journey should take around thirty days, maybe less if the training pays off. There’s huge scope to make this a massive project that raises a truly fantastic total of money and Ste wants to set this apart from simply being a small charity endeavour to something a lot of people know about and therefore donate to.

    Ste will also be taking on the challenge in memory of his late Grandad who sadly passed away in January 2013. He was a man who truly loved the outdoors and would have been thrilled to hear of such a trip.

    Mille Mongolia is currently looking for sponsors – with a few already onboard, including Vivobarefoot who are providing footwear for both the training year and the event itself.

    Ste spoke in February about the trip, saying:

    “This challenge means a huge amount to me, having spent the best part of five months already planning it. Over the past six months, I’ve decided to try and live life by the phrase “why not?” rather than simply “why?” and so when I wanted to take my love of the outdoors to the next level, I ended up with a 1000km expedition. While this seemed like a brilliant idea, I couldn’t help but feel it should be done for a better reason. It was when I decided to do the whole expedition for charity that the idea truly became a plan. My Grandad passed away just a week ago and that has given me even more desire to complete this challenge and raise as much money as I possibly can. I’ll put my everything into this and I’d appreciate any help I can get, so please, donate all you can!”

    To get in contact, please use – info@millemongolia.co.uk or +44 (0) 7515 903124.

    To donate, head over to –http://fundraise.unicef.org.uk/MyPage/MilleMongolia

    Visit Mille Mongolia


53 comments on “Competition Giveaway [Closed]
  1. Mark Bain on said:

    Look girls – it’s another of pair of Vivibarefoots – we get to keep our skin even longer.

  2. Tom Martin. on said:

    Looks like somebody’s got beef with the cameraman.

  3. Attila Topolics on said:

    Say what? proprioception?!? What’s he talking about? Yeah, we don’t have that issue, thank you very much!

  4. Mike on said:

    Opinionated World is 1 year old already…. No Bull!!!

  5. Paul on said:

    “I bet this photo ends up as another one of those ‘a-moo-sing’ caption competition girls!”

  6. Mike Eloff on said:

    No Sally, those Humans are actually wearing shoes! They are made to look and feel like they are actually barefoot

  7. Lizzy on said:

    So comfortably, so natural, so fresh….its easy to forget who you are when wearing Vivobarefoot shoes in the wild…you might just find yourself surrounded by…um Cows!

  8. eddowding on said:

    Another day to be outstanding in our fields.

  9. Rob jordan on said:

    There’s a Whole Foods buyer – QUICK! START EATING CORN!

  10. Mauricio Osorio on said:

    I wish I have five fingers to wear those!

  11. Bethany on said:

    What you staring at? No I will not give you my autograph! For the millionth time I am NOT the Dairylea Laughing Cow! Now jog on sunshine!

  12. Pete Durrand on said:

    Following Opinionated world Until the cows come home!

  13. Janice Reid on said:

    Happy runners wear Vivo! Happy cows agree…

  14. Marion Dizon on said:

    Look! The butcher is wearing weird gear!

  15. Mirja Riekkinen on said:

    Nice barefootwear you have there, human!

  16. Marijana on said:

    what are you staring at? we are enjoying nature :)

  17. Sean Goh on said:

    Go natural and explore the great outdoors with Vivobarefoot and Jack Wolfskin! Don’t forget to checkout the cows too!

  18. Matt Vonderhaar on said:

    I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cowbell. (and Vivos!)

  19. Marc on said:

    Moo’thing better than watching trail runners since steam engines.

  20. ginger g. on said:

    Do I have snot on my nose?!?? Someone tell me! (haha : ) )

  21. Ani w on said:

    Why are they running if nothing is chasing them?

  22. Julio on said:

    No, those aren’t vivos. That heifer is wearing hooves.

  23. Alicia Carroll on said:

    You look simply Moo-velous in those Vivos!

  24. Ronen sever on said:

    I’m taking control of your mind: you want to run barefoot and eat greens, oh well, vivos are also exeptable

  25. Andrew on said:

    “Hey, those are nice shooooes,” Cow no. 1
    “Yeah, very nice,” Cow no. 2
    “Gimmie dem shoes,” Cow no. 1

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