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Opinionated World was launched on the 15th June 2012 and was intended as a personal blog to hold all of my ramblings. My best buddy Matt also came onboard, at which point it became a joint venture.

We both wanted to write about the things we love; my main topics were going to be adventure and Formula One, with a bit of everything else thrown in for good measure. Matt, at tech freak more and more every day wanted to write about…tech.

It wasn’t long before we contacted companies asking for products to review. Vivobarefoot were the first company onboard and have regularly sent us footwear to review. At this stage, our focus switched to reviewing things, instead of simply writing what we had for our lunch or what happened in the latest Grand Prix. Those posts are still interesting, but the will to write them became and still becomes less frequent. Reviewing things was the direction we were taking.

Nearly 11 months on from when we first launched, Opinionated World is still known and referred to as ‘the blog’ but blog posts themselves remain few and far between. And so a decision was made to ditch the old-style blog and step-up to a review site. Blog posts do remain, but they will now take a step back, officially. They’ve got their own dedicated page and are no longer mixed in with the ‘important’ things.

So, that’s a quick summary of how we’ve moved on; how things have changed. I’ve left our very first ‘welcome’ post below, so you can see what our initial ideas were.

Welcome to our World.

Here, I will blog about all the things I enjoy and love. With a few slightly more random posts thrown into the mix.

What can you expect to read? I have a set of interests that I’m incredibly passionate about and others I enjoy to the maximum and will therefore write about. My interests range from Formula One to Bear Grylls to Cycling. You’ll hear about my thoughts on the last Grand Prix, why Schumacher hasn’t lost it, what might make Rossi switch back to Honda, updates on Bear Grylls’ latest adventures and indeed my own. I’ll talk about my cycling progress, any adventure holidays I go on or celebrity encounters I may happen to have.

Combined with my posts, my best buddy Matt will throw some of his stuff into the mix. It’s likely to be more technology based than mine – although I do have an un-healty love of Apple and a deep hatred of Windoze too! Expect to hear about the latest ice creams from Google, big cats from Apple and why people continually rip-off the MacBook Air.

We both hope you enjoy reading our material and hope that you’ll feel the need to comment and recommend our blog to your friends or anyone you think might be interested. The more people that read our posts, the more drive we will have for updating our content often.

Stay tuned for our first installment…

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