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Fully In The Nexus

By now you should have been able to comprehend that I am a technology lover. Someone who does everything he can to try out as many gadgets and as he possibly can, money and time permitting.

Yesterday afternoon, whilst browsing the verge (my favourite tech site) I read an article that the Nexus 7 was apparently in stock and shipping with delivery today.

I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew what had happened I’d removed my credit card from my wallet and my ninja fingers had one on order.

I still have my Google pre-order. Oops.

With my brother-in-law banging on about how the website changing to an in stock date of the 19th meaning that mine wouldn’t ship and I was an idiot because I’d have two within a day of each other I made a bet. I wagered that I’d have it in my hands within the next 24hrs. I started off by betting the second Nexus. He wouldn’t take that, obviously knew I’d win, so we settled on 50p.

Waking up bleary eyed this morning to my alarm, for the first time in a while, I heard a knock at the door…… The Force told me what was on the other side so I legged it downstairs.

Man does the box look wonderful.

A beautiful piece of packaging.

A beautiful piece of packaging.

Easily on a par with the Apple packaging of late.

Holding the Nexus in your hand is lovely. The size difference between this and an iPad is major. This can very easily be held in one hand, it weighs 340g against the iPads 630g, typing is a dream too.

In terms of hardware, the fit and finish is immaculate. It looks like a larger version of my Galaxy Nexus, which I’ve pegged as the most beautiful phone I’ve ever owned. Around this time last year an Asus Transformer was in my possession and I can honestly attest to this being far ahead. Pretty incredible when you consider that it’s about half the price of an iPad 16GB.

Hands on.

Hands on.

Does this mean that you get half a device? Not at all.

Well physically you do as the Nexus is nigh on half the size as an iPad, but that is where you can stop saying it’s half as anything.

The screen is gorgeous, having been spoiled by Retina iPhones, iPads and HD Android devices with higher PPI means that I can’t say this is the best screen I’ve ever seen, that would belong to the iPad (3), but it is insanely good for a device of this size and cost.

iPad and Nexus 7 comparison.

iPad and Nexus 7 comparison.

The initial setup was painless and within seconds of doing so I was greeted with an email declaring my £15 Google Play credit had been received.  I took a few quick snaps and ran off to work, where I had to be all day and not play with it.

I have one gripe with it so far. Well, not just the Nexus, but literally all of the mobile OSes have an issue with adding apps. I wish I could have a checkbox list where by I choose the ones I want to install. I hate having to individually go through and select each app one at a time, the whole process is exaggerated with Android, as for some reason the list resets to the top when you back out to see your purchased list.

So, now I’ve got the Nexus set-up and ready to roll. As with a fair few Android tablet apps, sorry I should say apps, as there are very few tablet optimised apps out there, they fill the screen with an phone esq. format. The twitter app for example looks exactly as it does on my GNex. Which at a display size of 10.1″ would most definitely be a problem, at the 7″ of the Nexus 7 it’s far less annoying and isn’t all that bad.

Android 4.1, affectionately known as Jelly Bean, makes this thing fly. The Tegra 3 Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM mean that for a small cheap device it pretty much out performs the big boys. Apps load in a second and I didn’t notice any sluggishness with a lot of what I used, of note I played Dead Trigger and the game had a fair few sections with lag in just the first mission, a little upset as BlackPrince310 of Youtube said that he had no lag in games whatsoever. Maybe there was a rogue background process running when I was gaming. In all though as a day-to-day tablet for the every person it will be more than adequate.

Overall I love this tablet, but take that statement with a pinch of salt though as I love every gadget when I first get it. So, this weekend look out for my continued impressions of the Nexus 7, comparing it with the iPad properly and my musings on how much Android has progressed since 3.0, Honeycomb.

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