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Jet Stream Finally On The Move

After another torrential downpour today and more expected to follow in the next few days, it comes with great relief to learn that the Jet Stream is finally on the move. North.

Getting the boring bit out of the way, the Jet Stream is a band of fast flowing air that hits the UK from the west. This is what usually keeps our climate fairly warm. It tends to sit above the UK, which means low pressure and bad weather from the north is pushed away and warm air from the south, around Europe is left over the country. Hence, our climate is moderate in comparison to the rest of Europe but still warm. Without the Jet Stream, the UK could end up with weather more like that of Scandinavia. No thanks.

Reports seem to suggest that the Jet Stream is heading back towards it’s usual position and the UK should therefore experience more of the summer it is used to. In roughly a week’s time.

Normal jet-stream - BBC

Normal jet-stream – BBC

Thank goodness. This weather has been getting me down me for weeks. I hope it’s not just me who finds this weather a total motivation killer. Life is so much better when the weather is warm. People’s spirits are better, attitudes are better, motivation increases, outdoor activities go up exponentially. More adventures, more cycling, more barbecues, better fitness.

Aside from a couple of days of nice weather where I got out doing a lot of cycling – back in March I think – I’ve done barely anything. Weights and workouts indoors and a bit of running plus a couple of gym sessions. I guess I should really embrace the saying “if it ain’t raining, it ain’t training” and just not care but I’m no fan of cycling in the rain. Testing out my new jacket is a different story though, I was all up for that in todays thunderstorm but was lacking a willing photographer. No surprise there then.

Not only am I looking forward to at least a month of warm weather but I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting on the bike and clocking up some proper mileage without worrying about thick grey clouds overhead. Not to mention lots of adventures, hopeful trips to the Lake District and maybe even the Peak District – somewhere I’ve not been for a long time.

My fingers are firmly crossed that the weather forecasters have got it right for a change. I do not want to head into winter having had very little in the way of summer.

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