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Opinionated World Just Got Overhauled

Fifty Two hours after beginning a big update to Opinionated World, we’re finally finished. It’s taken roughly 20 hours of work, with just a little more than 350 pain-staking image edits, as well as whole heap of design updates.

We decided that it was time to ditch the blog feel of the website and turn our attention to Reviews. Opinionated World started out as a two man personal blog and has expanded and developed into something much greater than we would’ve imagined. At this stage, we’re still relatively small but we know the future is bright (excuse the Orange slogan). We have a number of companies onboard and potentially one more; plus, we’re reviewing a wider array of items as time goes by.

For Opinionated World to work, we have to concentrate on reviews. For us, it’s a privilege to receive products from companies such as Vivobarefoot and Jack Wolfskin, but they’re also very enjoyable. Combined with that, it draws in far more people than a blog post about my latest bike ride will. Once the already good reader-base expands, there’s opportunity for more. Advertising and such.

Only half of the edits...

Only half of the edits…

For those who enjoy our ramblings, we’ve kept the blog going but it’s no longer in the way of the important posts. You’ll find ‘Home’ and ‘Blog’ neatly tucked into the navigation bar. Anything that isn’t a review now resides in the blog.

From this point, Opinionated World will no longer be referred to as ‘the blog’. It’s more than that and it needed this refresh to show it. So what do you get with this update?

You get quicker loading times, richer images, ‘nicer to look at’ posts, categorised reviews and an overall design that is more modern, cleaner and nicely laid out.

For those of you who’d like a comparison between old and new, here’s a few good examples.

Old to New.

Homepages – Old to New.

Post page - Old to New.

Post page – Old to New.

Blog posts - Mixed in no longer.

Blog posts – Mixed in no longer.


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