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Reviewing The Incase Campus Backpack

About a month ago I bought the Unit Portables 01 bag. This had a nice utilitarian style, something that I felt conveyed me and my tastes. Within a week the first one had broken. Being a single strap satchel meant that the strain was on one buckle. One buckle made of plastic. This invariably led to it cracking/breaking/ I don’t really know, a piece of the clip went flying and had I not had the reactions of a ninja my laptop would have crashed to the floor. Luckily I have those reactions and money was saved.

Unit Portables 01.

Unit Portables 01.

A compact rucksack.

A compact rucksack.

I contacted Urban Outfitters who were accommodating and sent a replacement quickly. All was good in the world. That is until the plastic clips started to become unclipped from the bag buckle. Well, that was it, my confidence had been lost in this bag, so I once again contacted Urban Outfitters and arranged for a refund. Excellent customer service from them, by the way.

This left me without a slim and stylish form of transportation for my sexy metal computer. So to Google I headed to find a replacement carrier. I’d always been a fan of Incase products and since I knew their quality and attention to detail with laptop sleeves, iPhone cases and the like, I tracked down the Incase Campus Backpack.

While I love the idea of single strap messenger bags I do feel that having a rucksack style bag with straps for both arms is the best option. Comfort, safety of both you and your belongings and finally in symmetry.

The colour combination that I ordered was the grey with orange liner. I could not be happier with this colour way. It is almost as if this bag was made for me.

In terms of style it has a really slim profile, which I love. The rest of the bag is simple and elegant. Nothing is here for the sake of form, it really is all function.

Fit and finish is impeccable. As too is comfort when on my back. I tend to have bags high up as to spread the weight of the items best, this bag is excellent. I can hardly feel the weight of the stuff I carry and even at the end of the day with the bag beginning to weigh, I feel confident enough in the bag to keep the balance.

On the outside of the bag you’ll find two subtle zips, well one is a bag matching grey and the other is bright orange. But when I say subtle I mean that they don’t stick out obviously at first glance. These external pockets are small affairs, I would say you could put you wallet and keys in them, but in terms of security I wouldn’t bother.

The internal storage space is excellent. At the very back of the rucksack there is a separate, faux-fur lined pouch for your laptop, it takes anything up to a 15.4″ MacBook Pro with aplomb. I tried the 17″ and while it just about squeezed in, I didn’t consider it the optimum size. Also, I believe that Incase would sell it as such if it were designed for such a behemoth. In front of this pocket is a smaller ‘Joey’ pouch, one that is designed for an iPad. I think with a regular thickness MacBook Pro this would be great, sadly, due to the thin nature of my Retina this pocket is not as tight as it could be. As such, I have been keeping my notebook in there. This suits me well.

After these two slots, we have the main body of the bag, the bottom of which is the base of the rucksack. I was a little perturbed at first, I could easily see light filtering through the fabric. Not a massive downer, but I would be interested to see how it deals with wear and tear from being put on floors and surfaces over time.

The front bag flap has one further pouch that is divided into three sections. One is the perfect size for an Apple MacBook charger. The middle is feasible only as a pen slot, the final is another square-ish pouch. I’ve been keeping my reading glasses and case in there.

As a day-to-day bag I really find no faults, the straps used to lengthen and shorted the main bag straps are a little on the sloppy side, both in looks and texture, but I have not yet had them move when in transit and as such have concluded that they are well designed and grippy where needed. The padding is ample and in all the right places.

Ultimately if you are looking for a bag, slim in profile and designed to carry your world of tech possessions then look no further than the Incase Campus. It comes in colours suitable for any persuasion.

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