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Workout Help From Victor Costa

First off, let’s talk a little bit about who Victor Costa is. Vic has been training for over 20 years and is renowned as one of the top fitness trainers in the World. For his inputs and contributions to the Bodybuilding scene he has earned an Honorary Lifetime Certification by the International Sports Sciences Association.

Costa is a fully natural bodybuilder, who competed – and won – in the American Natural Bodybuilding Commission. Even competing against guys using steroids in the NPC (National Physique Commitee), he performed well. He prides himself on being natural and in-directly described steroid taking bodybuilders as “maniacs”. Over his career, he’s built up a 48 inch chest and 18.5 inch arms.

His website, Vicsnatural.com states, “His techniques are derived from years of experimentation, study and practice. He continues to perfect and define his methods by working with many people with different skill levels: from beginners to advanced, from world class athletes to the developmentally disabled, from the aged to the youth of America.”

As you will all be well aware of, I’m very much into keeping fit and being healthy (although, the pack of Oreo’s next to me suggests otherwise!). I’ve always been active, whether it was playing football, cycling, emulating Rafael Nadal on the tennis courts or swimming multiple times a week. Most lads get to an age when they want to look good as well as simply be fit and so I purchased my first set of dumbbells about five years ago. Since then, I’ve purchased various other gym equipment, including an E-Z curl bar, a straight 5ft bar along with 30KG of discs, pushup stands, resistance bands and more.

Being an Ectomorph – your classic “hardgainer”, someone lean with a fast metabolism – I’ve always found it super hard to put on weight and muscle. No matter how hard you work, how hard you train, how well you eat, it’s simply not easy. Compared to those Mesomorphs, the one’s who simply have to look at a gym and they pack on 5KG of lean muscle, it’s a great deal harder. Form matters. Diet matters. Sleep matters. Motivation really, really matters.

So, over the past five years I’ve researched things a lot. As I always do. I’ve looked up techniques, diet plans to intake a shed load of calories, full workouts, everything. At time’s I’ve worked seriously hard and other times I’ve slacked off, annoyed at the lack of noticeable gains.

Over the past five years, I’ve spent 99% of my workout time using the kit I have at home. I’ve been to the gym about 20 times but have always felt I have everything I need at home. Improvising things has always been a strong suit. Whether I’ve put my spinlock bar over the loft hatch to use as a pull-up bar, or how I currently use resistance bands and a small bar over the door as a tricep push-down system. Both work brilliantly and I don’t pay £400 a year for the privilege.

I came across Victor Costa on YouTube about a year ago. Unlike most of the garbage you find there, his videos are incredibly easy to follow and don’t focus on the “lift as heavy a weight as possible” style that nine out of ten people have.  I’ve always hated that. “How much do you bench?”. I don’t care what weight you bench, frankly. Or how many KG you stack onto your dumbbells. As I have learned from Vic’s video’s, form is everything. Then, weight means nothing. Sure, you will eventually lift more but that’s not the goal. Who cares whether you curl 10KG or 30KG if your muscles build regardless?

Vic concentrates on isolating the muscle you’re working. If you’re doing skull crushers, you’re working the tricep. Not your shoulder or your bicep. You work those in your shoulder and bicep workouts! If you’re doing bicep curls, you want to hit your bicep full on, no rest at the top, no swinging the weight, no arching your back. Trust me, it works.

I’ve told a number of people about these techniques, some agreed. Others were still in the mindset of “lift as much as you can”. I’ve made a couple of people try some of the techniques and where they were previously “lifting” 18KG on a single dumbbell curl, they found a set of 10KG difficult. Isolating the muscle you’re working really does work.

He declares, “I have developed a method to help you relax every other part of your body with the exception of the part we are training, this leads to focused, effective, results oriented training. I have techniques to help explain how to position the body so it is in best position to receive the benefits of the training. Additionally, I have developed techniques to help you engage specific muscles groups while relaxing others during training.”

Vicsnatural offers workout DVD’s, workout MP3’s which walk you through everything in live time, band workouts and even online classes. I’ve not taken advantage of those services but based on how I feel about his YouTube video’s I imagine they work well. His testimonials suggest so; “I was paying a trainer in NYC $85.00 per hour- since using Vic’s videos and Audios I saved myself $170.00 a week by getting rid of my trainer and I am in incredible shape,” said one client.

I highly advise anyone who is looking to improve muscle mass/definition, anyone looking for new techniques and ideas to check out his YouTube channel. For anyone in doubt, I urge you to simply try some of the things he suggests.

Here’s Vic selling himself:


And an example of one of his videos, on the triceps.


2 comments on “Workout Help From Victor Costa
  1. Rohm on said:

    Probably the most important knowledge one needs to start a life
    of fitness and health. Rohm

  2. Niño Morales (Hector) on said:

    I have Vic’s videos and book his training style has added a nice balance to my training, a since of deeper concentration and understanding of body mechanical movements – highly recomendamos it…

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